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Adding Trim To A Dresser

A friend of mine picked up this dresser from Goodwill and brought it to me knowing it was something that I could work with (Megan is a good friend:)).

Simple Redesign Before Picture

The attached wood hardware was broken in a few spots and it didn't really have a nice, deep routed groove on them, making opening the drawers a little challenging, so I decided to remove them altogether and just add hardware.  Because I love the look of trim "overlay" I thought this would be another good opportunity to create that look and add it to the top drawers.

Simple Redesign - adding trim to drawers

After staring at the piece for a while and making a few sketches of the design I wanted, I ripped down a few 1/4" strips from a 5' long piece of solid maple I purchased from Lowes. You can purchase new, cut trim but I didn't fell like running to Lowes and had this on hand.

After dry fitting the design on each drawer, I added a bead of wood glue and a few pin nails on each piece. 

Simple Redesign - adding trim to drawers

This piece sold before it was even finished and my client picked Slate Tile by Sherwin Williams, which is the prettiest shade of blue! The hardware we picked from my large inventory of vintage hardware and sprayed in Oil Rubbed Bronze....looks so pretty with the color!

Simple Redesign - after adding trim to drawers

Simple Redesign - after adding trim to drawers

Simple Redesign - before and after

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