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I specialize in creating one of a kind, custom painted furniture.  I source quality, solid wood pieces, use high end products, professional spray equipment and a LOT of hard work to give you a long lasting, factory like finish. 
    **The price you see listed is to have that piece painted in a color I have in stock. Custom colors are $60. I only use specific Industrial paint products that work best with my spray systems and I know are the best I can get my hands on. Upgrades will include Stripping and staining, adding legs and faux finish detail work. STEP 1 - CONTACT ME If you see a piece in my inventory that you have questions about or would like to order, contact me via email, phone or text to (info below) including the item sku#. I am happy to send additional information or a video. If you happen to know the color that you are thinking, let me know. If you have absolutely no idea what color you want, that is ok too. I am very patient and helpful when it comes to clients choosing colors. STEP 2 - ORDERING I take $400 venmo down payment to hold/order and will send an invoice towards the end that will need to be paid in full before shipping or delivery. You may pay at pick up if you are picking up your piece. I ship to most areas of the US. It will most likely be with a single driver who WILL need assistance unloading so please be prepared to help. Shipping can take 2-8 weeks. STEP 3 -GIVE ME 3-4 WEEKS TO COMPLETE After you decide that you are ready to move forward it usually takes me about 3-4 weeks to complete a piece and have it cured enough to ship. If I am shipping there will be an additional few weeks depending on the shipper I find to deliver. email - JULIE@SIMPLEREDESIGN.COM text/call - 616-293-2737
    Yes, sometimes I do. Below is a ballpark pricing list which is dependent on the condition and what you want done. Faux finished and custom colors are additional charge. If you find this is in your budget then you are welcome to email me a photo for a more accurate quote:) PLEASE NOTE... *I will not accept any prepainted pieces although painted factory finish is ok *I will not strip and stain client pieces, only painting them. *I will only work with the particular industial products that I use. *cost of new hardware is not included. *I am not accepting smaller items like a single chair or 1 nightstand at this time but can be added to an existing order. *Pick up and delivery is $100 each way for the GR area. I do have shippers we can hire for outside of Grand Rapids. 3-5 drawer chest - $1000-$1300 6-9 drawer long dresser - $1300-$1600 sideboard with doors - $1400-$1800 2 part Hutch with glass - $2400+ Beds - $1000+ chairs - $400+ each (minimum of 4 chairs)
    Yes I do! I understand that not everyone has a means of transporting larger pieces of furniture, so I offer local delivery starting at $100 in the Grand Rapids area for 1 piece. I work with a few independent shippers who ship all over the US. This is typically a single driver who does curbside, garage or main floor delivery (if only a few steps to house) and WILL NEED HELP UNLOADING. You will be responsible to get the piece to a different area of your home. It depends on where you are located but this option typically runs between $400-$600. This service is usually 3- weeks for delivery once picked up. I have not idea what their routes are so once it leaves my hands you will need to connect with the shipper about timing. They will be contacting you when they know delivery day.
    I work very hard on all of my pieces but please keep in mind that this is older/vintage furniture and they may have little quirks and imperfections that are common with vintage pieces. If total perfection is what you are after then an older, vintage piece of furniture is probably not for you. TIPS -I do not tighten hardware until the piece is ready to leave my shop to make sure the paint it cured. If the hardware becomes loose in transit you can use a screwdriver to tighten up the screw on the inside -I work hard on making sure the doors open and close well but because old furniture can be finicky, doors may become tight after moving to your home. It may need to be leveled and a simple trick to fix this is to add a little lift/felt pad to one of the feet. It helps to have an assistance to help find which corner/foot needs to be adjusted. -I always do a sniff test and avoid super smelly pieces but the fact its, some people are more sensitive to old smells than others. I do clean the drawers out with soap and water but I avoid adding perfumes in case someone doesn't like that particular smell. If you find that a piece smells musty you can add a few dryer sheets, wipe with vinegar and water or spray with Febreze or your favorite essential oil and water mixture. Drawer liners with a scent are very helpful as well. -Even if the peice came from Ethan Allen, it mostly likely will get a ding or scratch in it at some point. I provide a small container of paint to help touch up small spots. Because this product is intented to be sprayed I would use a tiny artist brush or toothpick to blend a small area, trying to avoid spreading it out too much beyond the spot that needs to be covered. -I highly recommend a custom piece of glass for the tops of all pieces but especially pieces that will be getting a lot of use such as nightstands and desks. This small investment will help protect the top from standing water and whatnot. -I use a waterborne product. It is not indestructable and certain chemicals may harm it. I recommend cleaning with a damp cloth or soapy rag.
    The backs of these vintage pieces are raw and unfinished and I do not paint them. If it is a desk or piece that already has a finished back then I may paint it as well. I mask off all of the drawers the best I can and after removing the doors, mask off the inside of the cabintes and leave them the original finish. There may be small in or perfume stains or imperfections inside the drawers but I wash the insides so they are clean. If you would rather have the drawers lined or inside of cabinets sprayed please let me know. There is an addional charge for this.
    My list prices are to have the piece done in any color I have in stock. I have a page on my website with my current available colors that you can choose from but can get ANY color custom in the product I use for a $60 charge. Please note that custom colors may vary slightly when using different topcoats. The product I use is mixed by hand but they try to do the best they can.
    Although I do not charge for simply distressing a piece, there is a $75-$100 charge for faux finishes like glazing because of the extra time to glaze, clear coating afterwards and the extra products involved.
    It will be the customers responsibility for the cost of new hardware. Because filling in holes for different sized hardware takes extra time and steps (when done right), as well as drilling new holes for the new hardware, there is a $15 charge. If I am going to refinish the existing hardware for you, which I am happy to do, there will be a $10-$20 charge, depending on the number of pieces ( entire bedroom set, or a piece that's hardware happens to come apart into 3 seperate pieces)
    Please arrange for pick up or delivery/shipment of your pieces with me within 2 weeks of it being completed. The sooner the better as I am always needing the space. I try to be very understanding of those who are building, renovating and moving and I do not want to charge for storage but there would be $10/day storage fee if they are here longer than normal or discussed.
    Visit the contact page of my website, email me directly at, or simply call/text me at 616-293-2737. I look forward to hearing from you!
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