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Campaign Dresser Makeover

Updated: May 21, 2018


I was showing my client this (potentially) adorable dresser and while she was checking out the drawers, one of the handles came off. I inspect my pieces before well listing them but this one slipped by me. Even more embarrassing, I can now see the broken piece in the listing photo (bottom right)

My client kindly moved on to the other piece that she liked and I pulled this one from my online inventory. I had some thinking to do.

Although I did a quick online search, I knew I wasn't going to find the same hardware anywhere, ever. After being in denial about filling in those ridiculously large holes left from the inset hardware, I got to work. I decided that I would only fill in the top drawer and use some vintage brass knobs that I had and matched the campaign hardware perfectly.

I didn't do this because I was being lazy (although it did save a lot of time) but I love the look of mixing hardware and thought it would look very pretty.

As you can see, I chose to add blocks of wood to the void first and fill in the rest with the filler. Otherwise I would have used a LOT of Bondo/filler and it would have taken 8 years to dry. We didn't want that.

The wood pieces were glued in place and sit just below the top.

This was the first coat of Bondo after the wood blocks dried. I did another coat of bondo after sanding and then a skim coat of wood filler over the entire drawer to fill in the grain a bit. I didn't want a grainy drawer with a super smooth spot in the middle. That's not cool.

I was going to list the dresser like the photo below but even I was struggling to see the potential, so I decided to pretty it up and list it as a finished piece.

And pretty she is! The hardware was cleaned up and the drawers stripped and clear coated. I thought the natural wood tone looked pretty with the soft white and brass hardware:)

This piece is available!


54" long x 18" deep x 30-1/4" tall


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